AirPro Detox System

(Health / Body)

AirPro Detox System utilizes air pressure, heating, low frequency current stimulation to stimulate lipids. Coupled with simple massage techniques from a beautician, it enhances circulation and detoxification in the circulatory and lymphatic system. It is gentle and natural, thus posing no health risk or discomfort.
When applied to the abdomen for 30 minutes, it corresponds to the physical intensity of 150 sit-ups. Furthermore, far infrared (FIR) heating effectively regulates blood flow to keep blood and lymphatic fluid levels in balance and alleviate body aches. By strapping the nodes on the user’s abdomen, arms, thighs, and calves for a specific length of time, it promotes blood, lymphatic and tissue fluid circulation. As such, it is capable of slimming, efficient breakdown of lipids and detoxification.
Electro stimulation: breaks down lipids, regulates functions of blood vessels and organs, inhibits accumulation of lipids, stimulates lipid disintegration and flushes out toxins
Infrared radiation: dissolves lipids, speeds up blood and lymph circulation, boosts body metabolism rate, increase body temperature, open pores, induces sweating, allows moisture content in lipids to enter bloodstream and shrinking lipid cells
Rhythmic inflation, deflation, air pressure change: breakdown of lipid cells
Beautifies body and skin:
– Stimulates nerves on skin’s surface, tightening pores, enhance skin’s elasticity and firming muscles
– Promotes relaxation and boosts immunity, speeds up blood circulation, reduces anxiety and relaxes the muscles, stimulates absorption of medications which enhances treatment
– Alleviates swelling
– Promotes calmness and good-quality sleep