OxyJet Skin Care


A revolutionary system with cutting-edge technology based on modern jet aviation principle. This treatment uses oxygen and sodium chloride micro-droplets (accelerated to supersonic speeds 200m/sec) into the dermis or epidermis to thoroughly clean out the dirt inside the skin, and to kill the anaerobic bacteria, meanwhile supplying moisture, oxygen and other nutrients to the skin and also prompting collagen regeneration and rearrangement. Leaves no burning sensation or redness. Skin is hydrated, smooth and polished.
Scar removal: Acne scar and scars caused by burn, surgery or laser treatment etc
Wrinkle removal: stretch marks, wrinkles around lips, eye area, eyebrows and neck
Skin rejuvenation: removes pigmentation and freckles, pores shrinking, cleans the skin completely, improves skin flexibility and skin tone
Acne removal: removes acne, comedrones and acne scars
Prevents dermatitis