PROScan Facial Skin Diagnosis System


A breakthrough in skin analysis the PROScan Skin Diagnosis System will allow the client and the esthetician to recognize and diagnose skin problems together. The device employs a long wave ultraviolet light that causes problem areas on the skin to be illuminated as different colors.This device has been used in the medical field for countless years to aid in the diagnosis of skin disorders and is safe for the skin and eyes. With this visual representation of where the problem areas are or may occur, the esthetician can easier communicate to the client the benefits of proper skin treatment and care.
The various skin conditions that can be revealed vividly are:
– Sun damage below the skin
– Dehydrated skin
– Congestion/Acne
– Oily skin
– Dead skin
– Poor Circulation
– Dry Areas
– Localized Congestion
– High Coverage and Make-up
– Bleached Hair
– Good circulation and Hydration