TC Therapy Pro

(Health / Body)

TC Therapy Pro is based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and electrophysiology, integrating 6 technologies in one system.
Using bioelectrical in transferring nutrients deep into the skin, building up the deep sleep wake cells, improving dry flat dead cells, helping in muscle recovery, increasing muscle capillaries, and promoting aerobic metabolism. The Meridian brush stimulates the activation energy through the air, clears the meridians, promotes qi and blood circulation, eliminates toxins, adjusts the yin/yang, and clearing parts of the body and lymphatic meridian. Good detox soothing effect that improves the symptoms of various kinds of pain, such as pain meridian; back pain, frozen shoulder, waist and leg weakness. The suction head is a vacuum absorption of toxins, heat, gas, adhering to the vessel wall acid, triglycerides, cholesterol and other impurities in the body. Detoxing the body and blood, restore elasticity of blood vessels, promote blood circulation and improve metabolism.
– Clear The Meridians
– Rules out the human body endotoxin, accelerate metabolism
– Promote blood circulation, restore female physiological function
– Regulate internal secretion, enhance sexual function
– Breast enhancement
– Eliminate fatigue, stress relieve